CS373 Fall 2018: Regina Chen

September 16th, 2018

What did you do this past week?

In Monday's class, Downing told us two optimizations that we could use for the Collatz project. After class, I implemented the two optimizations and managed to pass all three HackerRank tests. However, part of me was disgusted by the meta cache I ended up building because it felt like such an ugly and inelegant optimization. I'd thought of the meta cache last week, but I was trying to resist using it. Fortunately, that meant that I was done with the hard part of the project, so I spent the rest of the week casually going through the workflow and checking off tasks. This is probably the earliest I have ever completed a CS project, so I'm hoping that I can keep up the trend throughout the semester (although that probably won't happen). I also ended up cramming the reading into Thursday night, which was painful because the articles were extraordinarily long. Next week, I'll strive to spread out my reading instead.

What's in your way?

Since I am virtually done with the Collatz project, there is nothing major in my way except for the fact that the Canvas submission is closed until Monday at 10pm for some reason. I'm still going through the workflow and making sure that I don't lose points for any dumb mistake I may have made, but otherwise, I can sit back and relax until the next project.

What will you do next week?

Next week, I will turn in the Collatz project and try to start my readings earlier in the week. The FoCS brunch and C(N)S career fair are also next Thursday, so I have been reviewing my resume and researching companies that I would be interested in. I should also brush up on my interviewing skills, but sometimes procrastination and reluctance overpower my motivation. Also, the long hours of talking to recruiters and trying to sell myself will most likely bring me to the brink of exhaustion, so I want to get as much work out of the way before Thursday's evening of complete lack of productivity.

What's your experience of the in-class exercises?

There has only been one in-class exercise so far, so I can't say much about my experience. So far though, I have enjoyed it because it challenges me to apply the material I learn in class. I also appreciate how Downing meanders around the classroom and chats to each person to make sure that everybody is keeping up. Downing mentioned that there would be a disconnect between the lectures and the assigned projects, so the in-class exercises will probably be more helpful once we start the group projects.

What's your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

This JavaScript library guessing game. Just an entertaining little game mocking the number of JavaScript libraries out there.